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Solve the information management chaos

Bringing law and order to information management

Business owners and information managers are constantly being left frustrated by Outlaw-like employees who refuse or forget to file information, and don't take information management seriously. Until they are getting taken to court, or have an angry client on the phone, that is. 


This challenge is made more difficult by the information overload created in today's digital world, impacting project deliverability, risk mitigation and business productivity. Simply put, it's chaos. Download our eBook to find out how every employee can become an information management Sheriff in the business, and how you can tackle information chaos.


Every business has different information management players. Which type of filer does your business have?

The Sheriff

Maintaining law and order


The Drunk

Unorganised, risky chaos


The Tycoon

Refuses to follow regulations


The Gunslinger

The champion of information management


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Email overflow

More than 124 billion work emails were sent in 2018. Check out our infographic on the risks posed by unmanaged, unstructured data, and how AI can bring order to the chaos.

Bringing order to the chaos

Email is the most commonly used project communication method today. With emails containing a lot of sensitive information, it is of utmost importance that all communication and documents are properly filed and complies with data protection regulations. Failure to do so leaves businesses open to risk and lacking the context required to make real-time decisions. The problem is, emails are typically left in individual inboxes and most people don’t file their project correspondence. See our one-pager to find out how you can easily manage mass amounts of email data. 

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