The Email and Document Management Usage Benchmark Report

Email dominates business communication but poor processes kill productivity and frustrate employees


Poor document management processes kill business productivity

Email remains easily the most-used and most important communication tool but a lack of email management is having a major impact on business productivity. These are the findings of research by Mail Manager, which surveyed more than 1,000 employees from organisations in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The Email and Document Management Usage Benchmark report found that more than nine out of ten employees (91%) use email to communicate with their clients, while 61% prefer to use it more than any other form of communication tool. By comparison, only 11% of respondents said their preferred medium was Skype and WhatsApp and 5% prefer to use Slack.

However, the continued inefficient use and management of email has led to it having a major effect on businesses’ efficiency and productivity. One-third of respondents (32%) spend at least one hour per day - the equivalent of nearly one working day per week - managing their email inboxes and 70% believe it’s one of the biggest productivity drains on the workforce. Furthermore, 73% of respondents say that too much time is wasted on trying to find emails and 38% believe “it’s not very easy” to find information in their inbox.
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Email remains vital to business communication

Email continues to be used for a wide range of business purposes, with the most common being internal and team communications (74%) and client communication (70%). It’s also vital to tasks like sharing project work internally (68%), sharing contracts (65%) and important documentation (63%), and sharing project work with clients (62%).

The research also highlighted the importance of managing email, with respondents claiming it’s essential to delivering good record management (87%), providing better information visibility (86%) and quality management (84%). While 84% of respondents also said that poor email management could have significant consequences for their business.
Industry breakdown
Organisation size
Job roles surveyed
  • 9% Owner
  • 20% Director
  • 21% C-Level Executive
  • 50% Manager

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