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The 2020 State of AEC
Project Management Research Report

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The 2020 State of AEC Project Management Report


A new research report by Mail Manager, the leading email management software for project-based businesses developed by Arup, has revealed the lack of capabilities in retrieving information relating to a project across the AEC industries. The research asked senior job roles in AEC firms across the US, UK, APAC and South Africa about their views on technology trends, how they manage project information, what information they need to retrieve, where it resides, and what they need to find in a legal dispute.


The key findings reveal email is the most used communication tool for projects. 55% of respondents reveal over 80% of their project correspondence is via email, while a further 24% of respondents answered 71-80% of their project correspondence is via email. However, 88% of respondents are concerned about project information not being readily available, and not being visible. Only 1 in 10 are confident with finding project information, but 99% have had to retrieve emails from a past project before.




450 respondents in leadership job roles (including Directors, MDs, Principals, Head’s of IT and CEOs) were asked about their views relating to project management processes, what information they need to regularly find, where the information resides and how concerned they are with retrieving information. All answers were anonymous and results were collected in January 2020.

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